Thursday, September 15, 2011


So today is a slow slow day I wish it would end already. I'm bored im singing to " Supper Bass", I'm happy that Blair is doing better im posting videos on my Youtube soon for music, I sill haven't heard who won Americas Got Talent so im whaiting for Comcast to upload it so I can see. I want to watch a movie called " Twin Tower Where were you?" i've seen it before but I want to see it again, gonna have Taco Salded tonight for dinner nummy :), cleaned my room ugh okay not really still drity, 2 people followig my blog :( i wish like 2,000 would follow me so i would be a cool blog lol all i know is " I Need A Doctor"- Dr. Dre, I sended a really long message to my friend Briellee<3 her name is spelled Brielle byt i use too e's and a heart <3 and sended a email to my Teacher, and now im flying like " Ariplanes" B.O.B ft Haley Willams, still whaiting for my piano lesson coming in for me :) maybe it will have my name one it I dont know but this is getting super long so im gonna end it Peace Xoxox -Annabelle

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