Thursday, September 15, 2011

At Home Manicures

What you need

1.Nail Polish,

2.Nail Polish Remover

3.Paper Towel

4. Cotton Balls

5. Clear Top Nail Polish

1. Make sure you have no old nail polish on your nails

2. get your favorite nail polish color out , if the nail polish is goopy than add ONLY 2 drops of nail polish remover if you add more than 2 drops it will make the nail polish bad.

3. star by the bottom of your nails where your cuticles are and go up to the top of the nails.

4. Finish the nail make sure you get the sides of the nails.

5. do all the nails until the are all done i usually do one hand first and let it dry then do the other hand.

6. If you need to put another coat on the nails with the nail polish go ahead or just keep it like that if you like it like that

7. let them dry don't move or pick up things because your nails can get messy

8. After all the nails are dry and painted put a top clear coat on it.

9. let it dry and your done :) I hope you like it

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