Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodmoring or Good affternoon?

Today is September 15th and i did school if you didnt know i am home schooled so you can say i have half days i get up at 8:15 sometimes if im okay with that early and start my dad with math and then reading Daniel Boone for history than i have food then i do math erros and then handwritting then i take a shower then i do my chorse then im on the computer for almost all of my day so you can email and you will get a response that day sometimes longer than 2 hours if i dont see it cause i share the computer with my brother and sister but i will get back to you that day or next morning so yeah i will be posting all day so check in once in a while for new post Thank you and have a great day Peace Xoxox-Annabelle

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